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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Gracing Portland with the down to earth goodness of booty shakin' hip rockin feet movin' skin sweatin' afrobeat. Like none other have done since Femi Kuti, the son of legendary orginator Fela Kuti, toured the US not too long after his father's passing, ALBINO! brought the afrobeat in Portland like we didn't know.

ALBINO! Showing how the Bay area represents with the funky rhythms and backbeats to keep the masses moving in the right direction. Anyone who likes to shake it on the dance floor should not miss Albino!

Crazy props to City Repair's Village Building Convergence the sponsor and benefactor of an incredible event that will be remembered in Portland for the special convergence of love and positive energy that it was.

Of course it is all about everyone who came and made it that way...

Listen to or download a 50 minute show featuring an interview with Albino! co-founder Nathan Endsley.


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