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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Jerry Wennstrom Interview - On September 12, 2006 I had the great privilege to interview Mr. Jerry Wennstrom, an artist, teacher and author. During our forty minute conversation, we spoke about his transformation from an artist in SoHo during the seventies, to a freeform human spirit. His choice to give up worldly possessions and destroy his artwork at the age of twentynine was inspired or guided by intuition about trusting the universe. In the course of the next twelve years, his spirit grew and blossomed as it was given new life in the sacrifice of ego.

I learned a great deal in this short conversation and you will too. Many people might often wonder about our current zeitgeist and what is the meaning of this crazy world we’re stuck with. Take a short journey with me towards the soul of someone who discovered how to embrace it by letting go.

Visit the website of Jerry Wennstrom and Marilyn Strong: Hands of Alchemy

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